The use of 3D scanners largely facilitates the measurement of large objects and geometrically complex parts, along with the digitisation of these parts.

For quality control, Teh-Cut company uses the best device in its class – GOM ATOS Triple Scan III. The scanner is fully mobile and allows us to measure objects of different sizes, both on the company premises and at other companies.

3D scanning allows us to obtain:

  • precise 3D coordinates of individual elements
  • deviations of the actual surface from the CAD model
  • 2D measurement report in the form of a table
  • 3D measurement report as a graphical representation provides a very practical view of the comparison between the actual state and the CAD model. It is easy to identify deformations, displacement of elements from fixed reference points even on objects made from flexible materials.

In addition to quality control, 3D scanners are used to reconstruct the geometry of parts for which there is no documentation or that require repair. 3D scanning data can be used for further CAD modeling and CAM programming.

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