Die-casting Molds

We understand that use of die-casting molds for the longest possible time is important to any casting operation.

Therefore, we use the best material for each critical cavity location. We comply to customer specifications and ask for the best heat treatment processes and  optimal hardness results. Surfaces manufacured in milling and EDMing processes, we are finishing manually.

We can provide Initial sampling inspection report and measurement report of the mold cavity by optical scanning. Our inspection capabilities are very good, equipment is calibrated, quality engineers are competent and independent.

Making the Mold Life-time Longer

Die casting dies are exposed to enormous stresses. High pressures and violent temperature fluctuations leave their mark over time in the form of thermal fatique cracks, eruptions and erosion in the cavities.

With our wear and tear repair services we are making mold life-time longer:

  • We produce and install spare parts
  • We repair surface areas by laser weld coating and machining
  • We will make redesign of mold cavities, individual inserts, cores, guiding elements and sliders to optimize the function of the existing tool

We will repair entire molds, sections and molds from other providers.

Regardless of the original mold manufacturer, we will produce new components according to your material, dimensional and heat treatment specification.

Send us your enquiries in common data formats: DXF, STEP, IGES, PDF.

Die Casting Mold