Measurement and digitalisation

3D Scanner

Large object or complex geometry object measurement can be efficiently done using 3D scanner.

At Teh-Cut, we use high-end industrial 3D scanner – GOM Atos Triple scan III. This device is completely mobile, allowing us measurement of objects with wide range of sizes and complexity, both inside or outside of our company.

3D scanning allows us to:

  • acquire precise 3D coordinates
  • measure surface deviation in comparison to CAD geometry
  • create 2D section measurements and measurement reports
  • create 3D measurement report that allows us to get easy insight into deformations, geometrical tolerances of elements, etc.

In addition to quality control, scan data can be used for geometry reconstruction or part reparation in reverse engineering process.

3D scanner is optical measurement device, based on spatial point triangulation. It projects coded light through LED projector onto the object, while two digital cameras acquire images of these projections. For each pixel acquired, software determines 3D coordinates. These points create point cloud, which is converted into usable polygonal mesh structure that allows us measurement, reverse engineering, CAM programming or 3D printing from scan data.


High precision measurements on objects up to 700x700x500 mm are done using coordinate measuring machines. These machines are regularly calibrated with traceability to industrial standards. Measurement reports can be created according to customer specifications.

Measurements are based on nominal CAD data, or constructed geometry from actual data.

CMM allows us to achieve high precision measurement of critical elements, while getting insight in geometry deviation from 3D scan data.

We have 4 different sizes of CMMs at disposal:

CMMX [mm]Y [mm]Z [mm]MPEE [μm]
DEA Gamma6506505003.5+4L/1000
BROWN&SHARPE Xcel7006005003.5+2.8L/1000
BROWN&SHARPE Mistral7007005003+4L/1000
BROWN&SHARPE MicroXcel 4005004003.5+3.5L/1000


Contour reader and surface roughness

At our disposal we have variety of measuring equipment, including surface roughness instrument and contour reader for measuring small shapes and geometry with difficult approach.