Machining of Metal Parts

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Machining operations

  • 3D model design, CNC programming, design and manufacturing of special cutting tools and fixturing devices needed for optimal machining
  • CNC milling in hardened steel, stainless steel, nickel and chromium alloys, aluminum alloys and copper alloys
  • 3D machining in 5 simultaneous axes, machining 3D contours in high precision
  • Electro-discharging machining, sink and wire
  • Serial and one-piece production
  • Assembling parts
  • Measurement protocols for parts and assemblies
  • Managing production and inspection according to approved plans and verified special processes (standard ISO 9001 for quality management and standard NQA-1 for quality management in nuclear facilities)


Maximum dimensions for the machining and measurement:

  • CNC machining on the portal milling center (6 axes):

Part massTable dimensionsStroke
12t2200 x 1800X=2400, Y=2850, Z=1000
  • CNC EDM sinked:

Part massTable dimensionsBasin dimensions
6t1300 x 800X=1780, Y=1050, Z=460
  • CNC Wire EDM:

Part massTable dimensionsBasin dimensions
1t600 x 400X=1050, Y=775, Z=300
  • CMM measurement:

Part massPart dimensionsMeasurement stroke
600kg800 x 1100 x 330X=650, y= 600, z= 330
  • Measurement with optical scanner ATOS:

    • No dimensional  limitations, but with greater mesurement area mesurement uncertainty is growing.
    • Measurment can be done on site.


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