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Nozzles and Leaf Springs for Nuclear Fuel Assembly

We take part in the nuclear power generation with the components in the nuclear fuel assembly. These products are in the safety-related group since they are part of nuclear reactor core and have role in manipulation with nuclear fuel.

The range of our products include 15 types of Top and Bottom Nozzles made of low-cobalt stainless steel and 3 types of Leaf springs  made of nickel alloy. The most complicated product has 850 locations for CMM, manual and visual inspection.

Production and inspection processes are giuded according to approved specifications and NQA-1 requirements. We are applying hold points, witnessing points, inspection at the source, process survailance, verification and qualification data for new processes or their changes, periodical verification of special processes and personnel activ in special processes.

Our main process is precission machining which is automatized using robot for manipulation with parts and using life time cutting tool management. Process is furthermore SPC controlled and in longterm yield calculation.

Nuclear safety is overriding priority

Products that we produce are part of nuclear core, and can cause safety issues if they are not produced according to specifications and requirements.

This is the reason we all have to know safety principles that nuclear facilities are guarding, and embrace applicable models in our organization.

Safety culture: An organization’s values and behaviors that serve to make nuclear safety the overriding priority.

Nuclear power plants are designed, built, and operated to produce power in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Concept of safety culture applies to every employee in our organization. Nuclear safety is the first value adopted and is never abandoned.


Nuclear energy has a very low impact on the environment, especially in relation to kilowatts produced. Nuclear power plants don’t emit harmful gases, and they require a relatively small area for production compared to other energy sources such as wind. There are no adverse effects to water, land, habitat, wildlife, or air resources.

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