Metal Cutting Tools

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We produce end mills made of solid carbide, and indexable milling heads. We are dealing with standard tool geometry, as well as geometry out of standard or profile end mills.

Solid carbide stick is grinded to cutting geometry. The geometry is checked on measuring device Helitronic Tool-check. End mills are sent for  PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings to enhance tool life.

Metal Cutting Tools

Our supplier of PVD coatings has available standard coatings (Tin, TiCN, and AlTiN). Other coatings such as ZrN, (for aluminum), nACo (for difficult to machine materials and for hardened steel) are also available. We are providing re-sharpening and new coating.

  • End mills for finishing and semi-finishing work on steel, aluminium, nickel
  • End mills for rough machining of steel and aluminium
  • End mills for finishing in hardened steel
  • Profile end mills
  • Indexable milling heads


Special Cutting Tools