About Us

Our group, TEH-CUT, Jedinstvo-PNO and TC-Tools, works in the same location, sharing infrastructure and human resources.

Number of employees has been around 60. To see how we spread our functions, please, look at the Organizational Chart below.

Timeline shows some events how we have grown, all the time aware of our own constant change in order to stay on the market.

The group is 100% in private ownership. Investment in modern equipment is priority for efficient and stabile processes. Quality is priority to win and keep our customers. Please, look at our Equipment and Quality sites.

With expertise in tooling, fixtures and metal components, our group of companies services the machine, automotive, aircraft and nuclear industries with quality and reliability for 20+ years.

We provide:

  •  design, manufacture, testing and maintenance of special molds for polymers, composites and aluminum dye casting
  •  precision machining in 5-axes CNC milling, wire-EDM and sink-EDM using graphite and copper-electrodes
  •  design, production and distribution of special metal cutting tools

Organisational Chart

Our organisation is flat – it functions like a network.

Organisational Chart (Transparent)